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Trimmer Lines

All Trimmer Line Diameters range from .065" - .155"

Trimmer Lines

Highest quality line approved by manufacturers and professional users. Tri-Blend™, a formula of three polymers formulated to produce profiles with the highest characteristics in abrasion, wear resistance, flexibility and weld resistance.

Ultra Quiet

Ultra Quiet®

Made from a high durable grade resin material, the smooth glide spiral shape of the Ultra Quiet Trimmer Line is an aerodynamic design that creates:

  • 20% noise reduction in high-frequency noise versus standard profiles and shapes.
  • Decreased vibration at the trimmer head for smoother cutting.
  • Improved engine efficiency for reduced fuel consumption and emissions.
  • Increased trimmer head speed compared to round, square and other shaped lines.
  • Better elongation for longer trimmer line life.
Ultra Quiet .065 .080 .095 .105 .130 .155
50' Loop LU06515 LU08015        
40' Loop     LU09512      
1/2 lb Donut DU06512 DU08012 DU09512 DU10512    
1 lb Donut   DU08001 DU09501 DU10501   DU15501
3 lb Spool   SU08003 SU09503 SU10503    
Super Edge

Super Edge®

Unique patented ten point edges (five large-five small). As the large edges wear, the small edges pick up for continuous cutting.

Super Edge .065 .080 .095 .105 .130 .155
50' Loop LS06515 LS08015t        
40' Loop     LS09512      
1/2 lb Donut DS06512 DS08012 DS09512 DS10512    
1 lb Donut   DS08001 DS09501 DS10501 DS13001 DS15501
3 lb Spool     SS09503 SS10503 5513003  


Popular eight edge cutting trimmer line cuts clean rather than tearing the grass.

Kross Kut .065 .080 .095 .105 .130 .155
50' Loop LK06515 LK08015        
40' Loop     LK09512      
1/2 lb Donut DK06512 DK08012 DK09512 DK10512    
1 lb Donut   DK08001 DK09501 DK10501 DK13001  
3 lb Spool     SKO9503 SK10503 SK13003  
Square Line

Square Line

Designed for extreme cutting performance and durability for the tough jobs. Square line has greater mass than round line and the shape lasts 40% longer.

Square Line .065 .080 .095 .105 .130 .155
50' Loop LQ06515 LQ08015        
40' Loop     LQ09512      
1/2 lb Donut DQ06512 DQ08012 DQ09512 DQ10512    
1 lb Donut   DQ08001 DQ09501 DQ10501 DQ13001  
3 lb Spool     SQ09503 SQ10503 SQ13003  
Round Line

Round Line

Standard premium professional grade trimmer line. Great for all year round grass trimming.

Round Line .065 .080 .095 .105 .130 .155
50' Loop LR06515 LR08015        
40' Loop     LR09512      
1/2 lb Donut DR06512 DR08012 DR09512 DR10512    
1 lb Donut   DR08001 DR09501 DR10501 DR13001  
3 lb Spool     SR09503 SR10503 SR13003  
  • Other packaging available upon request.